Shuukin is a brand consultancy, we devote our time, expertise and collective experience to amplify businesses and build brands. Where things are complex we simplify and when ambiguous we clarify. We use our methodology of designing strategically to device neoteric ideas and bespoke solutions to solve business problems.


Corporate design
Brand identity
Brand architecture
Brand collateral
Web and Interactive design

Our Process

1. Uncover

This is the starting point of creating a connection and when we identify during our preliminary consultation that we are the right match we then move on to next phase. We’ll have an integrated exercise to find out who you are, what your single-minded focus is and how it’s different.

2. Direct

Everything that we have uncovered from our integrated exercise will provide important insights to guide the development plan. The plan will include essential parts that form the brand strategy and the direction on the look and feel.

3. Design

This is where design works in conjunction with strategy to bring your brand identity to life. Our approach of designing strategically ensures creation of bespoke solutions and to design prioritised deliverables, this approach is fundamental to our process.

4. Sustainability

Brands keep evolving continuously. This means improvements and significant alterations are vital for a brand’s effectiveness. We recommend check ups and retaining to keep the brand moving forward.

Brands with a purpose, deserve the right narrative that is precisely defined.